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Jointsol® ingredients are safe as it has been demonstrated extensively by clinical documentation.

All ingredients used in Jointsol® are GMO-free, allergen free, gluten free, not irradiated and collagen is TSE/BSE free.

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EC Material Safety Data Sheet

1. Identification of substance / product / manufacturer

Use of the preparation: Active pharmaceutical ingredient

Finzelberg GmbH & Co. KG
Koblenzer Str. 48 – 56
D-56626 Andernach


Information contact: Customer Service Center

Emergency telephone: +49-2632-924-00 (opening time: Mo.-Thu. 7:00 – 17:00 o’clock, Fr. 7:00 – 15:30 o’clock)

2. Hazard identification

1. Classification
Not subject to a declaration obligation in the sense of EC regulation
2. Information pertaining to special dangers for human and environment
None if used as directed

3. Composition / information on ingredients

1. Synonym
Rose hips Extract
2. Hazardous ingredients

4. First-aid measures

1. General information:
In case of accident or indisposition consult physician.
2. In case of inhalation
Fresh air
In case of indisposition consult physician.
3. In case of skin contact
Wash thoroughly with water.
4. In case of eye contact
Flush immediately with copious amounts of water.
In case of damage or if irritation persists obtain medical advice.
5. In case of ingestion
Rinse mouth with water. Drink copious amounts of water.
6. Information to physician
Symptomatic therapy

5. Fire-fighting measures

1. Suitable extinguishing media
Water directed spray, foam, carbon dioxide, powder
2. Extinguishing media which must not be used for safety reasons
3. Special exposure hazards arising from the preparation itself, combustion products, resulting gases
Not known
4. Special protective equipment for fire-fighters
Without adequate ventilation wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
5. Additional information

6. Accidental release measures

1. Personal precautions
Respiratory: respirator filter white type P1
Hands: gloves from nitrile butadiene rubber (0,5 mm)
Eyes: tightly closed protection goggles
Body: working clothes
2. Environmental precautions
Avoid disposing into sewer system or directly into environment
Disposal: see 13.1
3. Methods for cleaning up
Sweep up spilled product avoiding dust. Collect in solid container.
Rinse remainder with copious amounts of water.
4. Additional information

7. Handling and storage

1. Handling

1. Advices on safe handling
Do not eat, drink or smoke at work.
2. Precautions against fire and explosion
No special precaution when paying attention to fire preventive measures.
2. Storage
1. Technical measures and storage conditions
Store in dry area. Store in tightly closed container.
2. Hints on storage assembly
Do not store with food stuff.
3. Further information on storage conditions
4. Storage classification
Not specified

8. Exposure controls / personal protection

1. Technical measures to prevent exposure
see chapter 7; no further measure required
2. Occupational exposure controls
Personal protection equipment
3. Respiratory protection
Wear respirator filter white type P1
4. Hand protection
Carry out preventive skin protection
Wear gloves from nitrile butadiene rubber (0,5 mm)
5. Eye protection
Wear tightly closed protection goggles
6. Body protection
Wear working clothes

9. Physical and chemical properties

1. Appearance
Form: powder
Color: beige
Odor: characteristic
2. Safety relevant basic data
Solubility in water: partly soluble

10. Stability and reactivity

1. Conditions to avoid (thermal decomposition)
Higher temperatures may cause loss of quality.
2. Materials to avoid
None if used as directed
3. Hazardous decomposition products
Burning may generate:
e.g. CO, CO2, and unidentified organic and inorganic compounds
4. Further information
Stable under regular conditions

11. Toxicological information

1. Toxicokinetics, metabolism and distribution
There are no toxicological data for the preparation available.
2. Acute effects (toxicity tests)
The product is a multi-component preparation for which no toxicological data exist.
Specific symptoms in animal studies
Not known
Irritant and corrosive effects
Not known
Not known
Repeated dose toxicity (sub-acute to chronic)
Not known
Carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and toxicity for reproduction
Not known
3. Experiences made in practise
Not known
4. General remarks

12. Ecological information

1. Ecotoxicity
No ecological data known.
2. Mobility

Known or predicted distribution to environmental compartiments
No data known
3. Persistance and degradability
No ecological data known. This plant preparation is expected to be biodegredable.
Abiotic Degradation
No data known
Physical- and photo-chemical elimination
No data known
No data known
Bioaccumulative potential
No data known
No data known
4. Results of PBT assessment
No data available
5. Other adverse effects
Not known
6. Overall evaluation

13. Disposal Considerations

1. Appropriate disposal / Product
Dispose of in accordance with current local laws and regulations.
2. Waste code(s) / waste designation(s) according to EWC / AVV
07 05 14
Can be used for the unused product
3. Appropriate packaging
Clean packing and recycle or dispose of like product.
4. Additional information

14. Transport information

No "dangerous good" according to the dangerous goods regulation

15. Regulatory information

1. EU regulations

Chemical safety Assessment
Not available
Hazard(s) symbol(s) and hazard(s) statement(s)
not necessary according to EU criteria
Hazard component(s) for labelling
2. National regulations (Germany)
Restrictions of occupation
The applicable, federal or local laws have to be abided by the user.

16. Other information

1. Further Information
The information given in this Material-Safety-Data-Sheet represent the most reasonable current opinion on the subject at the time at which this Material-Safety-Data-Sheet was prepared. No warranty, guarantee or representation is made to the correctness of sufficiency of the information.
The user of this product must decide what safety measures are necessary to safely use this product and determine the environmental regulatory compliance obligations under any applicable law.

2. Modifications
Version 1: regeneration according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)


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