For the first time

Solchem Nature SLU
is offering a special blend to consumers and dealer partners, together with a complete marketing strategy and interesting service. Solchem Nature SLU presents Jointsol®, a new and promising nutritional supplement, for the relief of joint problems and movement restrictions.

Natural human nutrition for joint health

Jointsol® is a food supplement scientifically developed that helps in the treatment of joint illness, especially in osteoarthritis, but also it works helping the body to build bone structure, avoiding bone losses as it is done in osteoporosis process. Jointsol® is backed by scientific research and evidence.

Scientifically Supported

Scientific evidence shows that Jointsol® ingredients act in two ways: promoting the building of fundamental matrix of bone tissue and inhibiting release of metabolites involved in inflammation process at joint level. The results of these actions are a delay in bone degeneration, avoidance of tissue damage, prevention of joint inflammation, relief of joint pain and promotion of bone and joint regeneration. This whole action leads to a healthy joint system.

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